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This is a somewhat biased review of the book as Roland has been a good friend since high school. I am writing this to corroborate what he has said about himself. He was a fun kid in high school. I did not realize the extent of his pain until he told me about his marriage break up and his suicide attempt. a short time later he called me and said he was in the hospital and I went to see him. He was vague about why he was there and I didn’t pursue an explanation. I suspect many people go through various stages of depression including me. I also read several books looking for answers. One book was The Power of Now by Ekert Tolle. He sat on a park bench for 2 years trying to figure out what Roland is telling us. I found Ekert Tollie’s book to be a little deep or esoteric for me anyway. Roland book says pretty much the same thing in simple easy to understand and follow instructions. This book is a quick read with a lot of wisdom. If anyone is going through this pain or has a friend that may have a problem they should read Find Peace one pop at a time. It is a quick read – maybe an hour or so. A friend of mine said little by little you will understand. Roland’s book points out the same thing by starting with 2 seconds you will build up to minutes of peace and with practice you will learn you are in charge of your peace anytime you want it. Like Roland, many of us bluff our way along but you don’t need to
This book is a quick read with a lot of wisdom.